SUKAD Publishing

The Inheritance

A Story About Friendship, Community, and Project Management

Mr. Mounir Ajam, SUKAD's Founder and CEO, published "The Inheritance, a Story about Friendship, Community, and Project Management."

"The Inheritance" is a heart-warming, beautiful story. It talks about birth and death, love and friendship, family and generosity, and above all, transcendent humanity. It is a book that touches on many essential subjects in today’s life. It is for the social worker who wants a way to serve the community. It is for the entrepreneur who might want to launch a new venture. It is for the working mother and women who have taught us how to multi-task effectively. It is about harmony and caring among friends.

"The Inheritance" is also a story about Project Management that “fills an important need for insight and understanding of various aspects of Project Management … and an important contribution that allows individuals at diverse level of preparation to access Project Management information and wisdom.”

“This book is a great contribution to advancing the profession and supporting the growing interest in Project Management.”

To purchase the book online please click here. "The Inheritance" is now available in paperback in SUKAD office .

Price: 105 AED (Paperback) and 6 USD (eBook) through