Programs Structure

Structure of the Project Management Programs

SUKAD is likely the leading, regional, project management, service provider in term of the diversity of the programs that we offer and the network of global thought leaders and distinguished organizational partners. Due to this diversity and the large number of programs, we have to group our offerings into categories as we present in the Pyramid image below and in the Portfolio of Services and Solutions graphic.

The Pyramid graphic presents the structure of the project management programs. The hierarchy represents layering of the programs’ categories, with the categories ‘somewhat’ aligned to project management levels but not specifically an organizational hierarchy. Each element in the pyramid, or the third dimension, is a project management-learning category.

In general, professionals new to project management (regardless of their years of experience in other domains) would want to start with courses from our Project Management Core Learning category.

Others, who have experience in project management, may want to consider topics from Project Management Functions, such as scope, cost, time, risk, quality, procurement, human aspects, or other topics.

An experienced professional would consider courses with some sort of specialization and here we advise looking into the Specialized Topics in Project Management, which include courses with a focus on an industry, like petroleum, engineering & construction, information & communication technology, or others. The courses could relate to sectors, like government sector or specific to small and medium organizations.

Toward the top of the Pyramid, we have Advanced Topics in Project Management, which includes courses for managers, senior managers, senior project managers, and senior PMO staff.

At the very top, there is the SUKAD series of Project Management for Executives; with courses on leadership, project sponsorship, the strategic value of project management.

On the left side of the pyramid (the third dimension), there is the Project Management Professional Certifications category. This category touches on all of the other categories; this is why we show it on the third dimension.

On the far left, we show the Project Management Master Certificates, these constitute the SUKAD postgraduate program, which includes more than one master certificate. Like Professional Certifications this category include Core Learning elements in addition to Advanced Topics.

For more details, please click on any of the boxes, which will take you to the category page on this site and include a list of courses and links to the courses profiles.