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The Project Management Professional Certifications category is the category that touches all other levels since there are numerous certifications that span the spectrum from basic level certifications to advanced-level.

Toward the lower end of the pyramid, we have the basic certifications like CAPM®, PRINCE2® Foundation, and IPMA® Level D.

On the higher end, advanced topics, we have certifications like PgMP® and IPMA® Level B. Toward the very top it is a lonely place with IPMA® Level A.

In the middle, there are numerous certifications including certificates for risk management, earned value management, planning and scheduling, value management, quality, and cost.

Professional certifications, in the context of this website and SUKAD services, refer to the certifications that global project management associations’ grant and not those by private (for-profit) organizations. In this section, we are also limiting the discussion to project management specific certifications (exclude Lean Six Sigma, business analysis, etc.), which are listed elsewhere.

We do realize that most people have only heard of PMI® and PMP®. However, to provide our clients the BEST service possible, we do not restrict our offerings to one source or certificate. We aim to create an awareness of choices for the client to decide.

Since the Project Management Professional Certification category has a wide range of certificates, we group them under sub-categories, which we list below and explain on other website pages.

For Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma certifications please refer to the Process Management Section of this website.

Please note, that there are numerous certifications in project management. We do not offer them on a regular basis since there is low demand for some of these specialized certifications. However, we can provide these courses on demand basis through our global network.