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We often receive feedback comments such as “We wish this class reflected on our internal system” or “it would be better if this course addressed our own challenges”, amongst other similar comments. This is an understandable challenge, since often organizations hire a learning provider to do a specific course, based on a certain need, but the consultant does not have the inside knowledge of the challenges that the courses should answer. It is also common that clients do not share these challenges, partially due to confidentiality concerns.

How to address these situations? How can a learning provider offer solutions that are fit for purpose? Can we offer solutions that would result in immediate benefits?

The Solution/SUKAD Approach

The best answer for these concerns is to have a highly specialized course leader from within the organization that addresses the organization’s specific concerns. If this option is not feasible, the next best approach is to have a highly skillful subject matter expert (SME) with extensive experience in project management … AND … this SME need can spend time within the client organization to understand their concerns and challenges. In other words, the solutions require blending consultancy solutions with the learning programs.

How can we maximize on the opportunities to make each course a truly outcome-based learning experience and with significant impact on organizational performance?

Our approach is:

Yes, the above would increase the cost of the learning program but the benefits realized would be significantly higher than a course not customized through this approach. The extra cost could be quite small, depending on the extent of customization required.

Special Conditions and Pricing

Please contact us so our business consultants can discuss with you our pricing option on how we can help you with minimal or no additional costs, over the cost of class time.