Introduction to Learning and Development Division


The following terms: Training, Education, and Learning, are all related but carry somewhat different meanings. We chose learning (in the division name) over training or education, to reflect the higher purpose of learning and that training and education are only mechanisms for learning. Our focus is on outcome-based learning, meaning professionals should leave our programs with the ability to apply what they learn.


The name of the division highlights the word development since learning, for the sake of learning, is just an intellectual exercise. What we want, as our mission statement emphasis, is the need for us together: SUKAD, project management, and our customers, to be agents of change and catalysts for development. We want to help create an environment for learning where life-long learning becomes a mindset. The ultimate purpose of learning is development; development as individuals, groups, organizations, and nations.

The Learning and Development Division

In 2004, SUKAD started as a training (educational) provider. Since that time, SUKAD has earned an outstanding reputation as a provider of quality and best value learning programs.

As SUKAD grows and expand its services, while maintaining a keen focus on our core competence of project management, we find the need to move to a group structure with various divisions. In November 2012, SUKAD officially restructured with two divisions: SUKAD Learning and Development division with the sub-domain: and SUKAD Consultancy and Organizational Solutions division with the sub-domain: