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Project Risk Management

Across the project life span (project life cycle)

Course Description

All projects are inherently risky, and zero risk is not an option. The successful project manager will therefore be the one who manages risk effectively by minimized threats and maximizing opportunities, while maintaining a clear focus on achievement of project and business objectives.

This course takes the participants through the essential concepts of project risk management, including extensive coverage of the processes that are required to effectively manage risks. The course will emphasize that risks and risk management for a project evolve over the project life span and is not a one-off exercise that we do during the project planning processes. The course also stress that risk management, like project management, has to be customized and adapted to the organization and the project environment.

The course uses global standards, primarily PMI® a Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® and the Practice Standard for Risk Management as the foundation and platform. However, the course also draws on international best-practices, ISO standard, and the SUKAD own research and development effort.

This is a foundation course for the PMI® Risk Management Professional (RMP) certification but is not a certification preparation course.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Who should Attend

Course Outline

Day 1

  1. General sections; introduction and initial exercises
  2. Key concepts
    • Definitions and types of risks
    • Challenges related to risk management
  3. Organizational risk management (ISO)
    • Policies and processes
    • Risk management framework
  4. Risk management processes
    • PMI® standards
    • Planning for project risk management

Day 2

  1. Risk management processes, continued
    • Risk identification and analysis
    • Risk treatment and response planning
    • Risk monitoring and controlling 

Day 3

  1. Risk management across the project
    • Project life span model and project versus stage risks
    • Identify and agree to class projects
    • Risk management and feasibility studies
    • Risk management as we move through the life span
  2. Wrap up: action plans and teams presentations