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Project Management for Non-Project Managers

(Highly interactive workshop, learning and applying how to manage ‘day-to-day’ projects)

Course Description

Project Management has proven its value across almost every industry and business sector. This in turn led to excessive and unnecessary emphasis on project management certification. To manage the small or simple ‘day-to-day’ project, we only need proper project management thinking and simplified approach to apply the concepts.

What does “day-to-day projects” mean?

Day-to-day projects are projects that requires a few weeks or months to complete and only require a few resources. Many internal projects could fit this category. Examples of these projects are a marketing campaign for a small & medium organization; a learning program for a business unit; writing and publishing a book; awareness campaigns; customers’ surveys; or a new financial process. We typically assign these projects to functional or professionals who are not trained as project managers (accidental project managers), and will handle this project as a part time work along with their normal duties.

The Project Management for Non-Project Managers workshop is an ideal workshop for those who are anxious and interested in learning how to take the first steps in their project management practices. The workshop allows the participants to gain excellent understanding of a simplified model, CAMMP™, which is in alignment with global standards.


Learning Objectives/Outcomes


Who should Attend

Professionals who only need to learn and apply fundamentals concepts to manage small/simple projects, such as marketing, human resources, training, events, even simple organizational change initiatives.  Various business professionals who would be involved as team members on internal projectst. 


Course Outline

  1. General Sections
    1. Introduction, overview, definitions, and setting the scene
    2. Dimensions of project success

2.  Discovery Phase

2.1. Learn and Develop the Project Brief

2.2. Conduct an abbreviated feasibility and authorize project 

3.Development Phase, Requirements Stage

3.1.Develop project requirements document

3.2.Reach stakeholders’ alignment

Day 2

4.Development Phase, Strategy Stage

4.1.Develop the project management plan

5.Development Phase, Definition Stage

5.1.Scope definition

5.2.Project compliance (quality, safety, health, and environment)

5.3.Schedule and cost planning

Day 3

5.4.The human aspects

5.5.Risk management planning and assessment

6.Delivery Phase Overview

6.1.Project implementation and control

6.2.Operational readiness and initial operations

6.3.Project close, lessons learned, performance reconciliation