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Project Change Management

Generic version – all industries

Course Description

This course focuses on project change management; project related changes and not organizational change management.

This course covers all types of change that we encounter on projects such as contract related changes, project changes, and project objective “scope” changes.

In this course, we provide a comprehensive view of project change management, including source of change, reasons for change, impact and risks (threats) due to change. We emphasize the need for effective change management from the project idea to closure; in lieu of limiting change management to control against the project plan. In other words, exercise project change control during the development phases of a project where the risk of scope “creep” and hidden changes is high.

We will work with the participants on understanding and starting to develop (in class) the change management system; including policy, governance, roles and responsibilities, approval and authority, process flowcharts, forms and templates and the control board.

The course design is applicable to clients’ organizations but is also suitable for a service provider; can shorten it by 1-day if required.


Learning Objectives/Outcomes


Who should Attend

All project personnel, team members, cost and schedule professionals, project engineers, construction engineers, contract and subcontract personnel, operations personnel, project managers, and senior project managers.

Course Outline

Day 1

  1. Setting the scene & relevant definitions
  2. Project life span model
  3. Control reference points (moving baselines)
  4. Types of changes

Day 2

  1. Changes and impact
  1. Managing change
  1. Contract changes

Day 3

  1. Change management system
  1. Action plans and post class follow up
  2. Additional resources