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Managing Multiple Projects

Course Description

This is a 2-days workshop that focuses on managing multiple projects.

One of the major challenges facing organizations is to consistently execute multiple projects successfully. There are a variety of factors contributing to these projects not meeting their objectives.

In this workshop, the participants will gain an understanding of these factors. These include human aspects in addition to organizational systems or lack of. It is necessary to have an excellent understanding of the challenges associated with managing multiples. This understanding will be a starting point to understand the concepts to deal with them and will learn how to apply these concepts, tools and techniques. We have to stress that some of the answers would require a critical look at the organizational system and may require considering changes to enhance the organizational processes.

We designed this course with the basis that participants must already have project management experience and understand the fundamentals of managing projects. This is a must, since in this workshop we need to build on that expertise and cannot spend time teaching the basics. What participants need is the additional skills to manage multiples, which is quite challenging.

This course will touch on portfolio management but only enough to understand the link to managing multiple projects; meaning this is NOT a portfolio management course.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Who should Attend

Course Outline

Day 1

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Project management methodology; the foundation
  3. Special features; for multiple projects
  4. Initial activities
    1. Project pre-launch
    2. Project management plan
  5. Detailed planning
    1. Planning; each project
    2. Incorporating each project into multiples environment

Day 2

  1. Implementation and control
    1. Resource allocation
    2. Scope, schedule, and cost control
  2. The essential elements for managing multiple projects
    1. The organizational system and portfolio management
    2. Personal and interpersonal skills     
  3. Proper closure and lessons learned
  4. Open Forum
    1. Tools for improvement
    2. Clients’ challenges