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First, we need to define this sub-category of capital investment projects.

We use the term ‘capital investment project’ to refer to ‘major projects’ that typically involve a large capital investment (in the millions or even billions USA dollars). Further, projects under this sub-category typically involve the construction of a facility of some kind, oil refinery, industrial plant, major road, or a metro project. Some call these ‘construction projects’ but we prefer the use of the term ‘capital investment projects’ since when we say ‘construction project’ some might confuses this with the construction phase of a capital investment project.





Other Notes


Project Management for Engineers (Basic)

2 days

14 hours

PMI® + Others

Basic course to raise the awareness of engineers working on projects


Project Management for Capital Investment Projects

5 days

35 hours

PMI® + CII + Others

Course is similar to the Essentials of Project Management (core learning course) but with a focus on this sector and include sector specific best practices


Project Management for Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Projects

5 days  34 hours

PMI® + CII + Others

Course is similar to ST-02 but with a focus on this sector and include discussions of industry best practices


Case Studies from Capital Projects

2 days

14 hours


Course includes a few case studies (mega project, multiple projects, alliance contract) where the course leader has specific hand-on experience


Project Change Management for Capital Projects

4 days 28 hours

PMI® + CII + Others

Course addresses changes in the project environment from idea to closure with a focus on capital project and CII best practices

Two of the SUKAD Principal Consultants have extensive global experience in this industry. Each has worked on small; large; and mega projects … and in different project management roles. The projects they worked on over the last two to three decades are worth billions of US dollars.

Please note that we list 31-ST-PCM-CP in this sub-category and the Project Control and Change Management sub-category.